Harmen van der Horst

Animation, visual development & illustration

As a visual

with expertise in visual development for animation productions, I am always eager to take on new and diverse creative challenges.

With a Bachelor of Arts and Design from HKU in the Netherlands, I have been working as a freelance animator, illustrator and visual designer for animation. Based in Utrecht, I have been fortunate to collaborate with various animation production studios both domestically and internationally

With dedication to my craft and a passion for design, drawing, and animation, I bring stories to life through animated films and other forms of (motion) content for both offline and online media. My focus on narrative and design allows me to create a powerful and compelling visual experience for my clients. Whether you need a complete package from script to final video or assistance at any stage of production.

If you’re interested in working with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Harmen van der Horst

Visual development
Character design
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The animation proces in a nutshell


Pre-production is were it starts. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure our project vision aligns with expectations. A successful pre-production results in a compelling story and appealing style that effectively conveys your ideas to your target audience.

Phases within this stage mostly include:

– Briefing and debriefing
– Concept
– Visual development
– Storyboard
– Animatic


Once copywriting is finalized, visual style is determined, and storyboards are completed, we proceed to production were the concept come to life. To ensure satisfaction, we reqularly showcase the animation’s progression.

Phases within this stage mostly include:

– Layout
– Animation
– Backgrounds

Post production

After the animation is complete, we move to post-production, where we incorporate audio effects, music, and voiceover. We finalize the animation with color correction and titles, making it ready for release on any platform of your choice

Phases within this stage mostly include:

– Edit
– Sound FX
– Voice over
– Compositing