Background design


adepted minds

Backgrounds for the interactive webseries for AdeptedMind, an online education company. The series, Sofia and Rolfi Grow Their Brains, follows two little monsters who struggle to learn from their mistakes.


Client: Klomp

Script: Elena Wagoner
Design: Harmen van der Horst
Background artist: Harmen van der Horst
Animatie: Studio Klomp


The animation

Episode 01 - Superskills


Sketch of Rolfi and Sofia's school

The school were Rolfi and Sofia attent the classes of miss Einstein. 

Final background

The school has a central role in the series.

Storyboard image as refrence

First layout comes from the storyboards.

Final background

Final background after first sketches are approved.

First sketch of the brain control room

A brain visualized as a control room full of leavers and buttons.

Final background

Bright colors in the control room.

Garden behind the school

Sketch of the garden.

Final background

Many adventures and excursions are set in the gardens of the school.

Treehut in the garden behind the school

The garden has an actual treehouse with slide.

Final background

Climbing the tree with the tree hut always cheers Rolfi and Sofia up.

Background design