Background design


family pluym

Educative publisher Malmberg developed an online homework platform for elementary school called ‘Familie Pluym’ in 2012 to 2015. We created animation and backgrounds for this show for approximatly 1,5 years.

I created many backgrounds for this show based upon the designs made by Leo de Wijs. 


Client: Malmberg

Design: Leo de Wijs
Background artist: Harmen van der Horst
Animatie: Lukas Krepel, Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink & Patrick Schoenmaker

Coördinati: Gavin Esajas

The animation

Maffe dieren show


Animal hospital

A hospital with much love for the animals.

(Credits: Leo de Wijs)

Hospital final art

This is the hospital were Lisa works.

S.O.K (S.O.C.K.) school

The school of the very bright children from Family Pluym in shape of a sock.

(Credits: Leo de Wijs)

School final art

An expeptional school with a lot of interesting things.

Classroom concept

The very interesting classroom.

(Credits: Leo de Wijs)

Screenshot final art classroom

Screenshot were Lisa and Daan sit in the classroom.

Background design