“Small talk or not? That’s what it’s all about at Studio Snugger! Gold medals are not actually made of gold. You can scare away lions by painting eyes on their butts. And if you want your dad to stop snoring, give him a didgeridoo as a gift.

Studio Snugger airs every Sunday around 8:30 AM on NPO Zapp.

We created this animation as part of the ‘small talk or not?’ segment. It claims that in earlier times, people could determine if there was digging going on underneath a castle by using a bowl of water.”


Regie: Harmen van der Horst
Animatie Script: Studio Snugger
Design: Harmen van der Horst
Animatie: Harmen van der Horst

Productie: Arno de Grijs


final animation

Kommetje water

We made ‘Kommetje water’ as a ‘nonsense or not?’ segment. In this, it is claimed that in earlier times, a bowl of water could be used to determine if digging was taking place under a castle.