van gogh

We created this animation as an introduction for a tour for children through the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Two eccentric French ladies travel to Amsterdam to solve a mystery surrounding their grandfather Camille, whose portrait was painted by Vincent van Gogh during his time in France.


Stem Coco: Yvonne Kuhfus
Stem Jojo: Tessel Beek

Regie: Daan Velsink
Animatie Script: Daan Velsink
Design: Patrick Schoenmaker & Harmen van der Horst
Animatie: Lukas Krepel, Joost Lieuwma, Daan Velsink & Patrick Schoenmaker
Sound design: Bob Kommer Studio’s
Muziek: Paraphrase Music
Productie: Lukas Krepel & Daan Velsink

Coördinati VGM: René van Blerk

The animation

Van Gogh



The design is reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh’s signature painting style and the subjects he frequently depicted throughout his career.

Van Gogh and the ladies

Coco and Jojo in real life